A Dynamic and Experienced Management Team

Often the difference between success and failure is the dedication and persistence of the executive team. SciTech Development’s principal assets, the Delivery Platform (SDP) and drug candidate ST-001 nanoFenretinide, are guided by a team deeply experienced in the broad portfolio of pharmaceutical development, clinical strategy, and scientific research and development. Just as importantly, each member of this team is energized and driven to deliver on the promise of transformative clinical outcomes with less patient trauma.

Earle Holsapple: CEO, President and Co-Founder

Earle Holsapple

CEO, President/Co-Founder

Director, Center for Cancer Economics, Technology Assessment, Innovation & Development (CETAID), Karmanos Cancer Institute; CEO/COO of six profitable, midsized corporations; Raised significant capital for 4 startups.

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Mr. Holsapple has extensive managerial experience spanning many decades in a wide host of industries. He has successfully served as CEO/COO of six profitable midsize industrial or consumer products companies ranging in size from $10M to $100M in sales. He has managed four corporate turnarounds restoring each company to financial health. As an entrepreneur, he has started four new companies ranging in focus from international trade to complex life science startups. He presently serves on the Board of Directors of a large metallurgical coke company startup.

From a life science industry perspective, he led the Center for Cancer Economic, Technology Assessment, Innovation & Development (CETAID) for the Karmanos Cancer Institute (KCI) where his team of scientists and clinicians developed numerous new technologies for detecting or treating cancer. SciTech is one of those companies that spun out of CETAID/KCI. In his leadership capacity, he also managed the development and raised the initial funding (~$17.M) for the SoftVueTM technology. SoftVueTM is a novel breast cancer detection product now in massive clinical trials under license with Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Holsapple also has experience in leading and raising financing to conduct leverage buyouts of some of the above companies. In the case of the startups, he was responsible for raising the capital, from a broad cross section of sources, to finance the businesses.

He previously served his country as an air defense officer in the United States Marine Corps rising to the rank of Captain.

Andrew Stumpf, MBA: Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Stumpf, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Financial, accounting, and valuation advisory services to Fortune 500 and mid-market companies; Partner with Storm Lake Capital, VP for Stout Risius Ross Advisors, and auditor with Ernst & Young.

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Mr. Stumpf brings 25 years of experience as a finance professional in private equity, investment banking, corporate finance, and public accounting.

Mr. Stumpf currently serves as Chairman on the board of directors of a private company and has served as an independent director on the board of a public diversified holding company as a member on the audit, compensation and nominating committees.

Mr. Stumpf is a partner with Storm Lake Capital, a private equity firm that invests in middle market companies. His responsibilities include sourcing and evaluating potential investment opportunities and structuring transactions. Mr. Stumpf also performs in a finance capacity for several portfolio companies with responsibilities including financial and strategic planning and budgeting, financial reporting and year-end audit and tax filings.

Mr. Stumpf’s investment banking experience included mergers and acquisitions and the raising of private capital. Andrew also provided valuation services including fairness and solvency opinions to Fortune 500 and middle-market companies. Andrew began his career as a CPA with Ernst & Young, LLP in its Audit group in Detroit, performing engagements across a diverse client base ranging from private companies to Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Stumpf earned a bachelor’s degree in professional accounting from Michigan State University and an M.B.A. from The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management at Michigan State University.

Louis Scarmoutzos, PhD: Chief Operations Officer

Louis Scarmoutzos, PhD

Chief Operations Officer

30+ years of business and academic experience in the biotech, chemistry, and pharmaceutical industries; Advisory positions include National Institute of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF) and Larta Institute; Post-Doctoral Fellow in Chemistry/Chemical Biology at Harvard University.

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Dr. Scarmoutzos’ industry experience ranges from Bench Top Scientist to Vice President of R&D to President and CEO, has founded several companies and is currently a Board Member of several emerging growth companies.

Dr. Scarmoutzos received his B.S. cum laude in Chemistry from Boston College, a Ph.D. summa cum laude in Organic Chemistry from the Pennsylvania State University and was a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University. He has worked extensively with startups and established companies in the areas of entrepreneurship, technology commercialization, business development, marketing, intellectual property development and fund raising. He is an author of numerous peer-reviewed technical and non-technical articles and holds several issued U.S. and International Patents.

Dr. Scarmoutzos continues to serve as a Principal Advisor in the Life Sciences Group at the Larta Institute (Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance). He was a Principal Advisor in the National Institutes of Health Commercialization Assistance Program (NIH CAP) since its inception in 2004 and continuously through 2020 at which time the program ended. He has held Principal Advisory positions at the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He continues to serve in an advisory capacity to both the private sector and government. He has held adjunct faculty positions at several universities including Augusta University and Paine College. Owing to his academic and commercial experience, Dr. Scarmoutzos has a dual proficiency in both science and business. As such, he has an excellent profile that supports and warrants both scientific product development as well as overarching, long-term commercial objectives.

Ali Moiin, MD: Clinical Affairs

Ali Moiin, MD

Clinical Affairs

Board certified dermatologist with extensive experience in treating cutaneous T-cell lymphoma patients, Clinical Professor at Wayne State University, School of Medicine; Doctor of Medicine degree from University California, Davis.

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Dr. Moiin is board certified in Dermatology and is a practicing Dermatologist. He maintains affiliations with major medical centers in the Detroit metro area, including Detroit Medical Center, St. John’s Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital and William Beaumont Hospital. Dr. Moiin received his bachelor’s degree in pharmacology and master’s degree in biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He received further training in pharmacy at the University of California, San Francisco and awarded his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of California, Davis.

Ralph Parchment, PhD: Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor

Ralph Parchment, PhD

Co-Founder/Chief Scientific Advisor

Pharmacologist; Managing Director, Multi-Laboratory Research Program, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research; Discovered ST-001 while at Karmanos Cancer Institute.

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Dr. Parchment is an accomplished pharmacologist and the principal inventor of the SciTech drug delivery technology. He presently directs a multi-laboratory program at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research  in Frederick, MD where he manages the effort to create innovative approaches for evaluating and developing new drug compounds. He has been a part-time advisor supporting SciTech’s development, patenting and commercialization activities. He brings a wealth of knowledge, in the field of oncology drug development, to bear on SciTech’s behalf. He co-invented ST-001 while on the faculty of Wayne State University where he was a core leader for KCI.

Michael Burns, PhD: Product Development

Michael Burns, PhD

Director, Corporate & Strategic Development

40+ years of extensive pharmaceutical industry experience that includes R&D, product development, sales & marketing, licensing, and M&A; Past President and COO of Ferndale Pharma and former CEO of Repromedix Corporation.

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Dr. Burns was past President and Chief Operating Officer of Ferndale Pharma Group which comprises companies that specialize in the development, manufacture, marketing, sale and distribution of a wide variety of healthcare products including prescription, over-the-counter drug products and medical devices.

Dr. Burns was also CEO of Repromedix Corp, a life science company providing advanced testing and advisory services in reproductive medicine. He was instrumental in the divestment of the company to ReproSource, Inc. where he facilitated post-acquisition capital raises and supported operational activities.

At present, Dr. Burns provides consulting and advisory services to start-up companies in oncology, skin care, and reproductive medicine.

David R. Schaffer: Investor Relations

David R. Schaffer

Investor Relations

Executive with 30 years of experience in global equity capital markets, investment banking, equity market research, investor relations and strategic advisory to public/private funds; Most recently as Managing Director with Raymond James, and previously with Advest.

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Mr. Schaffer is experienced in P&L accountability, customer retention, collaborative product development, business planning and multi-channel distribution programs across diverse global markets resulting in increased bottom-line and market share growth. Mr. Schaffer has held executive positions at Raymond James Global Equity Markets, Kaufman, Advest and BD/M Collective.

Phil Robertson: Business Development

Phil Robertson

Business Development

Proven executive and three-time CEO with 25+ years of international experience with an extensive background in business development, digital marketing, technologies, and blockchain applications.

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Mr. Robertson is adept at business and corporate development for high profile clients in healthcare, government, retail, and the financial sectors. He develops high level relationships and programs for international distribution networks, industry partners, advocacy, and the commercialization of products and technologies.

Mr. Robertson has held executive positions at BD/M Collective, Plurogen Therapeutics, Perthera, and Computer Associates.

Lori Kavle: Strategic Partnerships

Lori Kavle

Strategic Partnerships

Proven executive and a four-time CEO with 25 years of experience, from large fortune 500 to early-stage companies in biotech, pharmaceutical and diagnostics, both in the US and Internationally.

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Ms. Kavle has extensive international experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry developing strategic partnerships and broad-reaching approaches for the successful launch and commercialization of new products and technologies.

Ms. Kavle assists emerging growth companies in business development, scientific liaison, corporate development, product strategy, funding preparedness and growth and revenue strategies.

Lori has held executive positions at BD/M Collective, PluroGen Therapeutics, Dendrite International (IQVIA), Bristol Myers Squibb, Novartis and Sanofi.

Strategic and Medical Advisors

  • Madeleine Duvic, M.D.; Deputy Department Chair, Dermatology at MD Anderson Cancer Center.
  • Larisa Geskin, M.D.; Director, Comprehensive Cutaneous Oncology Center at Columbia University
  • Ajay Gopal, M.D.; Medical Director of Clinical Research and Hematology at Fred Hutch Cancer Center
  • Tony Polverino, Ph.D.; Former Executive Director of Amgen, Former CSO of Kite Pharmaceuticals
  • Bill Werkmeister, MBA; Partner, HRN Family Office, Board of National Foundation for Cancer Research
  • Ken Massey, Ph.D; Senior Director of Venture Development at Wayne State University

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