Introducing Our Revolutionary
New Drug Delivery Platform (SDP) and
Lead Cancer Drug Candidate ST-001 nanoFenretinide.

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SciTech Delivery Platform (SDP)

SciTech has developed a powerful, new Drug Delivery Platform
(SDP) that will revolutionize how safe and promising, yet challenged
drugs, can be delivered to kill cancer.

SDP enables scientists to engineer, develop, and patent new drugs.

ST-001 nanoFenretinide

Our first, patented drug candidate, ST-001-nanoFenretinide
combines SDP and the promising drug fenretinide as a
broadly applicable anticancer drug.

ST-001 is Phase 1, clinical trial ready for the treatment of lymphoma with a rapid path to commercialization
( Identifier: NCT04234048).

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An explanation of medical benefits in a doctor's office.

Affordable Cancer Treatment

The recent development of targeted and personalized cancer therapy has generated expensive treatment costs with potentially limited outcomes.

The growing costs of cancer healthcare is becoming unsustainable.

ST-001 is addressing the urgent need for effective cancer medicines at an affordable cost.

Vast Market Opportunity

80% of the industry’s drug development pipeline comes from emerging biopharma companies.

ST-001’s addressable market is about $2B, with an additional $5B-25B+ market potential from other targeted cancer indications, combination therapies, and from using our Delivery Platform to engineer, develop, and patent new drugs.

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Exceptional Leadership

SciTech has an exceptional leadership and scientific advisory team with vast industry experience.

Our Strategy

SciTech aims to form strategic partnerships with companies that are looking to expand their existing drug portfolio in oncology, target new diseases, or develop combination drug therapies.

With Our Science and Your Help, We Can Give Cancer Patients
a Fighting Chance to “Ring The Bell’’!

Bell cancer patients ring upon completing treatment.